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Vinyl Snob
Episode 10


Women In Vinyl

We are happy to celebrate our 10th episode by celebrating women in vinyl and their perspective and experiences. Producer Dana Berry sits down with three San Francisco Bay Area women who not only are avid vinyl collectors but own or have owned record stores - Tracy Parker of VAMP Art and Music, Hannah Lew of Contact Records and Windy Chien of Aquarius Records. Host Dave Whitaker follows up with episode 9 guest Mike LaVella, who shortly after mentioning his Holy Grail record in our interview, was stunned to have said “golden” record gifted to him by an old friend. And in our store interview segment, we travel to Chicago to speak with Ben at Reckless Records.

Radio program vinyl cuts:

  • Think by Aretha Franklin

  • Never Gonna Cry Again by Cold Beat

  • Making Coffee by Alan Sherman

  • 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago

  • Nag by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

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Podcast Platforms

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Tracy Parker - VAMP
Tracy at VAMP
VAMP & the Godfather
Hannah Lew - Contact Records
Contact Records - Oakland
Windy Chien
Aquarius Records
Mike LaVella & his Holy Grail
Reckless Records - Chicago
Reckless Records
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