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Vinyl Snob Radio

"Guest DJ's"

Mike LaVella
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Vinyl Snob Radio is honored to have several 'guest DJ's' contribute themed radio shows. Some have been featured on the podcast and some are vinyl & music enthusiasts we know or have heard about.

Mike LaVella is an ardent record collector who has played in punk bands in the 80's, was a writer for Maximum Rock n Roll and Thrasher, and is the former publisher of garage/punk-hot rod magazine Gearhead and owner of Gearhead Records. He is now the organizer of a monthly Now Playing DJ night in the San Francisco Bay Area. He lives in Oakland, CA. Check out his interview in episode 9 as well as his follow-up in episode 10.

Top 20 US Punk Songs/Top 25 UK Punk Songs

Vinyl Snob Radio/Mike LaVella/Punk Top 20/US Punk
Gavin O'Neill

Gavin O’Neill has been avidly collecting new wave records since 1983. He was a college radio DJ at the University of Oregon. In San Francisco he covered music for the SF Bay Guardian, booked and promoted bands for underground venues, and started the city’s most beloved post-punk dance club. Gavin was featured in episode 6. He has been in England, in the summertime, with his love, close to the edge.

Obscure '80's New Wave/Women of '80's New Wave

Dana Berry

Dana's only previous radio experience was in high school DJ'ing the 2-4am Sunday morning slot at Wellesley College. Why was a teenage boy doing a radio show at a women's college? We have no idea. BUT, Dana has been a life-long music collector, musician and music nerd who has the privilege of producing the Vinyl Snob podcasts and will run the Vinyl Snob Radio Studio 2 in Oakland. He believes a good riff can heal the world.


Birth of Metal/Paisley Underground/Power Pop

Cameron Robbins

Cameron is a musician, photographer and editor as well as host of a popular news and entertainment radio program on 96.9 WTKK in Boston. Avid film score collector and enthusiast, he had the chance to see Jerry Goldsmith conduct the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and premiere his piece, Fireworks.

Cameron Robbins.jpg

Jerry Goldsmith Soundtracks

John Everett

John Everett, aka DJ Johnny Evs, is an artist extraordinaire who designed the Vinyl Snob logo. He is also a longtime music nut whose expertise extends from The Ventures to African Psych Rock. An avid collector of 45's and LPs, you can find him in the Bay Area flipping though thrift store bins or spinning discs including at the monthly Now Playing Night.

'70's Afrobeat

Christian Swain

Christian Swain is co-founder and producer of Pantheon Media, a rock and roll podcast network now distributing 27 shows including the Vinyl Snob podcast. He is also producer and host of Rock n Roll Archaeology, the complete history of rock music, and Deeper Digs in Rock. Besides talking about rock, he plays it in his band Tinman.

David Bowie

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