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KROY - Sacramento
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Dave Whitaker was a disc jockey at Sacramento rock radio station, KROY, in the early eighties. His brother Jerry recently found a couple of Dave's reel to reel tapes containing airchecks from Christmas Eve 1982 and New Year's Eve 1982. If you don't know, an aircheck is a recording made from a radio show highlighting the DJ for demo or QC purposes. So you get snippets of songs with a whole lot of Dave! Not only is it cool to hear Dave doing his thing, but it's a perfect time capsule of popular rock music from 1982-1983.

** We edited out the abrupt sounds of the tape speeding up whenever the mic was turned on and put in crossfades. Enjoy!

dw back in the day.jpg

Dave Whitaker, Don West and Jack Perry hanging at KROY in 1983.

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