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Founded in 1981, People's Records continues to be Humboldt County's largest record store.  They buy, sell and trade, new and used vinyl records, cassettes, CD’s and carry all genres of music. They also have stock vintage music and movie posters.

Vinyl Snob is distributed through a rock n roll podcast smorgasbord entitled Pantheon. A network of podcasts including Rock n Roll Archaeology,  Deeper Digs in Rock, The Rock n Roll Librarian, Reel Rock, Muses and Stuff, The Art of Rock and more. Pantheon recently hit #1 on the iTunes music podcast chart!

The world's largest online retailer of high-end audio, audiophile music, and accessories. Music Direct specializes in vinyl records and turntables. Check out our interview with Brand Ambassador Bes Nievara Jr. in Episode 4.

U-Turn Audio is an independent turntable maker located in Woburn, MA. Our mission is to make great sound more accessible. Check out our interview with them in Episode 4.

theaudiophileman.jpeg is Paul Rigby's website, a comprehensive collection of his Hi Fi, music, DVD and book reviews. There are also news posting such as Vinyl News and features like Buyer's Guides and Interviews. You could spend days wandering through his pages. Check out Dave's interview with Paul in Episode 8.


Long Live Vinyl is the ultimate website for Vinyl Lovers. Features, reviews, interviews, vinyl care etc. It is also a fantastic monthly magazine out of the UK where we found Paul Rigby, the subject of our interview in Episode 8.

Los Angeles' Rainbo Records is one of the longest running vinyl pressing plants in the US and has 14 vinyl presses. They manufacture vinyl records and sleeves, CDs and DVDs. Check out our interview with Steve in Episode 5 and Episode 6.

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Gearhead Records spun off from Gearhead Magazine. Check out some of the cool garage/punk releases from the label started by Mike LaVella, the subject of our interview in Episode 9.

Stereo Advisor owner Luis not only maintains all the Vinyl Snob turntables but also our pre-amps, power amplifiers and even Dave’s 1971 Teac 4300 reel to reel tape deck. Luis also gives good advice on cartridges and speakers based on your musical taste and makes recommendations on purchasing high-end vintage gear.

Andvinyly will press your or your loved one's ashes into vinyl records. Jason Leach is the subject of our interview in Episode 11.

The world's largest independent record store. Located in Berkeley, San Francisco and LA, Amoeba is iconic. Used and new records interspersed with CDs and DVDs and occasional live shows. Check out our RSD interview in Episode 2 and our interview with SF and Berkeley record buyer Ken Kubala in Episode 7.

Rasputins has the largest new & used record inventory on the West Coast! Tens of thousands of albums of all types of music from extreme metal to vintage jazz to newest artists, as well as collectibles! Check out our RSD interview in Episode 2.

VAMP is a mixed vintage & used vinyl shop, specializing in Jazz, soul, blues & gospel. Offering vintage clothing & bricABrac from the 1980s and before. VAMP also runs a great record swap with 1000's of LPs and 45's from the Bay Area's top vinyl junkie. Check our interview with Tracy in Episode 3.

Dave's Record Shop is a small shop in Berkeley with a wide selection of vinyl from many genres. Check out our interview with Dave in Episode 3.

Located in Oakland, Econo Jam is a diverse group of people into vinyl. They also sell turntables, spaghetti and blankets. Check out our interview with Tom in Episode 3.

Open Mind Music is a fantastic record store in Oakland's Rockridge district. Although small in space, it's wide open in terms of vinyl variety. Owner Henry Wimmer is interviewed in Episode 7.

Contact Records is probably the smallest record story you will visit, but it has an amazing selection of records in great condition. Check out their recent haul of Japenese imports! Owner Hannah Lew is interviewed in Episode 10.

Retroactive used to be Collins Music & Thrift located in Suisun City, CA. It's a small, locally-run shop specializing in buying, selling, and trading records and video games. Check out our interview with Steve in Episode 3.

Delta Breeze Records is a great little indie record store in Sacramento, CA. Check out our interview with co-owner Rick DaPrato in Episode 9.

Reckless Records started in London and expanded to Chicago, now having three stores in the metro Chicago area. Great selection of vinyl and CDS, DVDs etc. Very friendly employees. Wicker Park store buyer "Ben" is interviewed in Episode 10.

Red Devil Records is a record store in San Rafael, CA. They specialize in hard to find vinyl LPs and 7”s, from all forms of Rock (Psych, Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Early Rock ‘n’ Roll) to Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Soul, International, Folk, Country, Soundtracks and more. Check out our interview with Barry Lazurus in Episode 11.

Jerry Goldsmith Online was setup in 1999 as a fan based website to follow and support the career of the legendary composer. When he passed away in 2004 it left a huge void in the world of film music but this site continues to remember one of film music's greatest names. Check out his music with Cameron Robbins on his Guest DJ page.

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