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Vinyl Snob
Episode 9


Confessions of a Vinyl Addict - Mike LaVella

In episode 9 we continue our Confessions of a Vinyl Addict series. Producer Dana Berry interviews Mike LaVella, a life-long record collector who also worked within the music industry as a writer for Maximum Rock n Roll and Thrasher, published the garage punk/hot rod magazine Gearhead and ran Gearhead Records. Mike now runs a 'Now Playing' vinyl spinning night in the Bay Area. Take a journey with Mike as he recounts the plot points of a life consumed and buoyed by vinyl records. We also begin a new segment of the show introducing The Used Bin by interviewing independent record stores across the country. Dave begins at home with Sacramento's Delta Breeze.

Vinyl cuts:

  • Walking After Midnight by Patsy Cline

  • I Hate To Say I Told You So  by The Hives

  • Well All Right by Blind Faith

  • Medicated Goo by Traffic

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