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Vinyl Snob
Episode 12

The Vinyl Dream - Part 1

Producer Dana Berry has always dreamed of putting out a vinyl LP. Well, the time has come. Join him as his band, Night Herons, goes through the process of making a vinyl record including mixing, mastering, artwork, finding the right pressing plant, lacquer cutting and test pressing. Listen in on the studio sessions and hear interviews with everyone involved. It’s part “how-to” guide but it’s mainly a fun ride through the final stages of making a vinyl record. And in our indie record store segment, Dave Whitaker checks out his new local shop, Peoples Records, in Arcata, CA.

Radio program vinyl cuts:

  • Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield

  • Just Like This Train by Joni Mitchell

  • Downtown by Tom Waits

  • All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople

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Night Herons
Mark Gordon
Vinyl Brokers
Joel Cuzzi
Heavy Swell artist and designer
Richard Shirk
On the way to Portland!
Mastering engineer & lacquer cutter
Gus at the lathe.
Test pressings have arrived!
Dana putting on test pressing
Peoples Records
Podcast Platforms

(talk only podcast version)

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spotify logo.png
Mark Gordon Recording - recording and mixing
Vinyl I/O - vinyl pressing service
Joel Cuzzi - singer/songwriter, new album "Footprints"
Curtis Wissler - artist and graphic designer
Richard Shirk - indie rock artist, new album "Arcadia"
Sky Onion Mastering - mastering & lacquer cutting
Night Herons - Producer Dana Berry's alt rock band - website guide to indie record stores
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