Vinyl Snob Radio

With the recent completion of the Vinyl Snob studio, Vinyl Snob is happy to introduce VINYL SNOB RADIO! 

DJ music programs performed as live sets by the Vinyl Snob himself.

The program will cover many different styles of rock. Some will feature comments from the musicians and producers. Others will be straight-ahead rock n roll harking back to the days of AOR (album-oriented rock), which emerged and changed FM radio in the late 60’s and 70’s. Also a time when DJ’s started picking the songs.

Curated from his collection of 180g ultra-analog releases, new and used vinyl, the Vinyl Snob pulls together shows just like he did when DJ'ing pre-computer playlist. Purely analog (well, up until the last step...), purely vinyl and purely Dave, this is a live DJ spinning records. "Classic Rock Radio" means playing the same songs over and over based on analytics and money. Vinyl Snob Radio is playing great rock songs sequenced by an actual human who cares about theme and flow.


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