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Vinyl Snob Radio
Assorted Mix

The Vinyl Snob tells the story of rock and roll through the music of a specific era, genre, event or musician.  Dave discusses the history and provides anecdotes that go along with the songs.

Looking at  the music and history made by Sam Phillips and Sun Records.

 VSR show 1 label.png
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Growing up, the first records Dave got his hands on were the 45’s and 78’s at his grandparents, The Gibson’s. Bing Crosby, Phil Harris, Eddie Cantor, Mitch Miller and a very young chairman of the board, Frank Sinatra. It was all big band orchestra, a genre he enjoys to this day. It was also a time of black and white TV and a cavalcade of musical variety shows, Ed Sullivan, Jack Benny, Perry Como and Your Hit Parade. A great way to be exposed to the many different styles of music that Dave soaked up like a sponge. 

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