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How each Vinyl Snob music podcast episode is formatted -

Every episode contains two segments, generally interviews involving some aspect of vinyl and five to six rock and roll songs. The first song will always be an Ultra-Analog release*. Dave likes to pick songs that are pretty well-known so the listener has some reference to compare the sonic quality. After the first interview segment is a music break, a song that may be related to one of the segments. To close out the show is the “used record bin”, a selection of two or three songs that have been found perusing the bins at used record stores. There are great deals and finds out there if you have the time to do some finger-surfing.

* Ultra Analog vinyl are well known hit albums re-released on two 180 or 200 gram records spinning at 45 RPM. Spreading the music over two 12” disc allows the grooves to be wider, deeper and louder, greatly reducing the amount of vinyl surface noise. Mastered from the original master tapes, Ultra Analog captures undiscovered sonic information. Translation, THIS STUFF SOUNDS AMAZING!

   Other Ultra Analog products include Half Speed Masters introduced by Mobile Fidelity Labs,  known for decades for their high-end audiophile releases. Half Speed Masters, released on a single disc at 33 RPM, are mastered with the tape machine and cutting lathe running at half speed greatly increasing the dynamic range.

How you can listen -


Go to each individual episode page and stream through our website player. You can check out the photos and read the summary notes while you're listening.

Podcast Platforms

Listen to the Snobcast, our 'interview only' podcast versions, through your favorite podcast player. Click on the icons below to open up that platform.

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