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Vinyl Snob
Episode 13

The Vinyl Dream - Part 2

Producer Dana Berry continues his vinyl odyssey with part 2 of The Vinyl Dream. After approving the Night Herons' test pressings, Dana ventures down to Los Angeles to witness the actual pressing of the record at Rainbo Records. Returning with a carload of fresh vinyl, Dana visits buyers at Open Mind Music, Econo Jam Records and Amoeba San Francisco to find out how one goes about selling their records. In Vinyl News, host Dave Whitaker talks about Jerry Goldsmith vinyl releases with Vinyl Snob theme composer and contributor, Cameron Robbins. And in our store segment, we visit Neal Becton at Som Records in Washington, D.C.

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Vinyl I/O - vinyl pressing service
Rainbo Records - legendary pressing plant
Open Mind Music - Oakland indie record store
Econo Jam Records - Oakland indie record store
Amoeba Music - SF, Berkeley and LA record stores
Som Records - Washington, D.C. indie record store
Night Herons 'Heavy Swell' available here:
CD Baby
Vinyl Snob store
Night Herons' website   
- there is also a list on the band's website of stores where the record is available -
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