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Episode 8



In episode 8 we speak with Paul Rigby, a journalist and hi-fi audio reviewer from the UK who writes for such magazines as Long Live Vinyl. He also maintains a very impressive and comprehensive website. Dave talked with Paul about how he ended up as a writer specializing in music and hi-fi, entry level turntables, what makes one turntable better than the other, how to upgrade a turntable and what it really means to be an audiophile. Please visit to see the amazing breadth of Paul's expertise. This episode also includes a track from an album found while on a 'used bin' expedition in Copenhagen!

Vinyl cuts:

  • The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel

  • 20th Century Man by The Kinks

  • Twilight Birds by Gasolin'

  • Awaiting on You All by George Harrison

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